Working at different festivals/events in different locations all over Germany is one of my favorite benefits regarding work. The Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival e. g. is a festival which takes place in Berlin every other month and moves to Corfu, Greece during the summer. During the Berlin weekend festivals, I offer Partner Acrobatics and


„Respect your limits but know your capacity.“ Born and raised in Essen, in the north-west part of Germany, I had my first Yoga experience at the age of 16. When I was 5, I had started with ballet, followed by different urban dances and Hip Hop. I started teaching dance at the young age of



“Home is where my mat is.” Said quote serves as a nice description for my wanderlust. Though I’ve traveled around, yet always without making any plans, just directed by positive trust and my favorite travelslogan: „It will work! -Somehow.“ And that actually really worked. Somehow. I still continue traveling and teaching in various different countries



Partner Acrobatics or AcroYoga combined with various Yoga elements results in a fun form of  partner practice (though it’s not necessary to bring your own partner or to have experiences). Here, one person is the earthelement on the floor, the other one embodies the air element. If both partners are in balance with each other,



Yoga stems from Sanskrit, it means “union of the individual consciousness or soul with the universal consciousness.” Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian philosophy. In the Western part of the world, most people see Yoga as not more than a physical exercise to stay fit. In fact, though, it offers fitness not only for the body but