Partner Acrobatics or AcroYoga combined with various Yoga elements results in a fun form of  partner practice (though it’s not necessary to bring your own partner or to have experiences). Here, one person is the earthelement on the floor, the other one embodies the air element. If both partners are in balance with each other, it reinforces the connection between the two and at the same time builds trust and self-confidence. While „playing/flying“ with each other, you discover your inner child and get a glimpse of the incomparable feeling of flying, letting go and real happiness.

Most people who try AcroYoga for the first time, don’t always trust their own skills but are very surprised afterwards as to how they are willing to open up and give into this very special Yoga and Acrobatics practice.

In my classes, you learn all the elements and basics from the bottom to the top – in the true sense of the word. Here, we start with a Yoga warm-up, especially designed to move and prepare all joints and ligaments. Then, we fly, discover the skills of all participants and work with it in a playfull way. Finally we wrap up the class with a nice calm-down combined with Thai massage elements.

The level always gets orientated on the participants and. So, the intensity of the class always depends on the students’ skills and knowledge level. Don’t worry – you got this.

Alone or together with my AcroPartner Adrian Iselin ( i offer regular AcroYoga classes in Berlin and frequent Workshops for beginners and advanced AcroYogis, as well Workshops on different Festivals and Events all around Germany.

Get rid of your fears and lift up your body!

Ongoing Acroclasses:
Mondays: 06:30PM at AcroYoga Parksession @Görli, Görlitzer Park, Event via Facebook
Tuesdays: 8:15PM at Chimosa Studios, Berlin Mitte (
Wednesdays: 06:00PM at Adidas RunBase, Berlin Kreuzberg (

Next Workshops:
13.08.2017 Acro Workshop at Wilde Möhre Festival, Drebkau (
03.09.2017 AcroYoga Workshop at Wanderlust Festival, Berlin (
30.09.2017 AcroYoga Workshop at Agape Zoe Festival, Berlin (



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