„Respect your limits but know your capacity.“14885921_584050955113009_1293862909_n

Born and raised in Essen, in the north-west part of Germany, I had my first Yoga experience at the age of 16. When I was 5, I had started with ballet, followed by different urban dances and Hip Hop. I started teaching dance at the young age of 15 and took part in competitions during my school years all the way into my professional life.
After a few years of developing my body- movement skills, I was tired of trying, of “being better”, of winning or losing competitions.

So. I found Yoga. Or – Yoga found me.

While I was traveling around Europe, I started practicing more and more and noticed the continuous change within body and mind.

Looking to gain more knowledge about awareness, I concerned myself more and more with the whole Yoga topic/world to get a good grasp of what’s behind it all.

Finally a lucky fortune brought me to India, where I lived during the winter of 2013/2014. I went to a Contact Improvisation Festival only to discover AcroYoga – my second passion.

At the festival, I met Yamuna Devi, my female Guruji. Yamuna connected me with the Ashiyana Yoga School in Mandrem and also introduced me to the heart of traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

With more appreciation for all aspects of my whole life than ever, I saw infinite possibilities forming in and for my future.

Full of bliss and motivation, I went back to Germany and decided to move to Kreuzberg, Berlin. I then started my AcroYoga training in Vienna, Austria, continuing it when settling in  Berlin.

Regarding my work and passions, I always try to improve my knowledge level and skill sets regarding the Yoga philosophy and practice.

Being in my mid-twenties by now, I find myself teaching Yoga in different studios in Berlin. My extensive experience in the field of dance also influences my dynamic Vinyasa Yoga classes as well as my Acrobatics practice.

For me, the most important part of every class is authenticity, being content and rooted with yourself and who you are – flaws and weaknesses included. It’s about being focused during your practice but not losing the fun in it!

Im a german native speaker, fluently speaking/teaching in english and basics in spanish. You can find me at CHIMOSA Berlin, a boutique-style concept studio in Berlin Mitte, at Superfit Fitness Studios, at Dock11 Studios or at the Adidas RunBase in Kreuzberg.


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